Corinth Missionary Baptist Church

In 1866, one year after the abolishment of slavery, the Reverend Z.H. Berry, E.M. Boone and a few other residents of lower Currituck County organized a congregation of the church.  Having just received their freedom, all this group had was their pride and love of God.  A piece of land was donated by William S. Hunt in Powells Point NC, where the initial church stood.

This first church was in the form of a bush tent, but over time, a new structure was erected—a log cabin built by local men who cut down small trees and notched these trees to hold them together.  They made clay from a mixture of earth and water and put it between the logs to keep out the winter’s draft.  There were two windows sawed in the sides of the church and a fireplace located in the back with a bush shelter in the front to muffle the voices of the worshippers so they would not be disturbed by unfriendly passers. Over time, the third iteration of the church was built and moved to its’ current location in Jarvisburg, NC in 1909. This church was made from weathering boards and had many more decorative windows designed with stained glass. Reverend Spencer Bright was the first man to stand on the roof and nail the first shingle. The congregation continued to grow over the years and additions were made to the building. Ten feet were added to the pulpit, a choir stand was created and a steeple added that stood tall and housed a bell to remind worshippers of the Sabbath and to keep it holy. In the 1940s, electricity replaced the old gas generator. Unfortunately, after several upgrades, the building was lost on September 17, 1977.  The current structure was dedicated on October 14, 1979.


7300 Caratoke Highway
Jarvisburg, NC 27947



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