Miss Chrissy’s Cookhouse

Island Farm

At this living history heritage farm on Roanoke Island, the life of Christiana ‘Chrissy’ Bowser is honored. Born a free black in 1820, she was the cook on the farm from 1845 until her death in 1914. Today, a reconstructed cookhouse is on site, and costumed interpreters use the cookhouse to demonstrate historic cooking techniques and to educate about the lives of those living on Island Farm in the mid-19 th century, including Ms. Chrissy.  Visit the Farm, and learn more about daily life on the OBX leading up to the end of slavery, and the spirited, independent people that were born out of this conflict.

Staff at this one-time 125-acre farm depict the living history of everyday Outer Bankers, who settled Roanoke Island in the mid-1800s. You’ll get to see heritage agriculture, blacksmithing, food preparation and hearth cooking, spinning wool and even feed and pet the animals which include livestock and two ponies from the Corolla wild herd.



1140 N US Highway 64
Manteo, NC 27954

More Information

For more information, please visit https://obcinc.org/visit-our-sites/island-farm 

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